Wolverines News · 2019 Union Grove Girls Soccer Rosters

I would like to thank all of the players that came out to tryouts this year.  They are an awesome group of talented girls.  They worked very hard each day to show off their soccer skills and to make our decisions very difficult.  We were very fortunate that no cuts had to be made this year.  We have placed players on teams that best fit the skills we observed during tryouts. As this is only a snapshot, we will continue to evaluate players throughout the season.  Players can be pulled up to the varsity level with improvements made throughout the season.  Varsity players can also be moved to JV if they aren’t performing to the expectations of a varsity player. We are looking forward to a great season with both teams. Practice will begin tomorrow. Congratulations to everyone for making the 2019 Union Grove Soccer Team.

The Varsity Players:

Catey Hunt

Kaelyn Pourron

Vanessa Drews

Pacie Dye

Faith Phillips

Grace Phillips

Lindsey Booth

Jaden Matthews

Jenna Giddens

MB Caldwell

Alanah Giltmier

Makenzie Woodall

Morgan Oliver

Rachel Jones

Abby Lampkins

Lauren Lampkins

Emelie Taylor

Mia Ries

The JV Players

 Jade Williams

Hailey Livingston

Leslie Anderson

Ali Drewes

Madison Norris

Ella Simmons

Brooke Dubke

Aina Heim

Lydia Panaro

Ariya Brown

Malorie Kirkland

Kayla Serrano

Kate Phillips

Kryslen Crowley

Elizabella Irwin