Wolverines News · September 2018 – UGHS Lacrosse Booster Club President Letter




September, 2018


Re:      An Open Letter to all UGHS Lacrosse players and parents


From: Tim Engelbracht, President UGHS Lacrosse Booster Club



Happy New School Year!  We’re roughly one month into the 2018/2019 academic and athletic school year and though there is still a little more than five months from the opening of the Spring lacrosse season, your booster club officers and coaches have been meeting and preparing for the season since June.  This is the first of what will be monthly communication regarding our programs and booster club (supplemented by various and more frequent social media posts and emails).


This month we’ll provide some updates regarding the UGHS lacrosse programs, initiatives being undertaken to support the program and, yes, a call to action by all.


Coaching Changes


  • After leading the girls’ team as head coach in its first five years of existence and to three straight state playoff berths, Coach Desamours decided to pursue new interests outside of teaching and coaching our kids at Union Grove. Her contributions on both fronts were invaluable and she set a standard with our lacrosse program that will be challenging, to say the least, to match. But match and exceed we will.
  • Taking over the girls’ team as head coach is Jimmy Jones. After years of assisting Coach Desamours with the team and as a mainstay for the last decade within Henry County Lacrosse in general, Coach Jones moved over to coach the boy’s team last year when that need arose. His experience will help guide the entire UGHS lacrosse program moving forward.
  • Jon Pilato takes over as the boy’s head coach this year. Jon is a recent graduate of (name of college) and is beginning his teaching/coaching career here at UGHS.  He’s also on the UGHS football coaching staff as Cornerbacks coach.  Jon is a Fayette county native who played both football and lacrosse at Starr’s Mill High School and has extensive experience on and a passion for the defensive side of the field.


Team Additions


  • This year marks the first year we will officially have a junior varsity (JV) boys lacrosse team.
  • The sheer numbers of student athlete participants, thanks to the burgeoning success of Henry County Lacrosse in general, allows us to move to four lacrosse teams total at UGHS (JV and Varsity for both boys and girls).
  • As per county rules, 8thgrade students are eligible to participate on the JV teams. Spread the word!
  • Every attempt is being made to schedule JV games for both girls and boys to coincide with their respective varsity games.More on scheduling over the next few months.
  • The boys and girls varsity and JV teams will ultimately be coached by Jon and Jimmy respectively and will train and practice together.


Region/Area Realignment


  • At the conclusion of the 2017/2018 school year, the GHSA adjusted lacrosse areas/regions throughout the state. The results benefit UGHS lacrosse in two ways.
  • First, there will be less travel within our region, which mostly affected the boys over the past two years. Girls and boys regions were realigned to include/match the same teams/schools for both.
  • The growth and success of girl’s lacrosse within our county (and in the south metro Atlanta area) has forced this move.
  • Second, our area/region opponents across the board are now more in-line with our UGHS teams from a competitive standpoint.


Your 2018/2019 UGHS Lacrosse Booster Club Board


There are some new faces on your board this year. Many thanks to James Manley for establishing a foundation, as the inaugural president of our joint boy’s and girl’s booster club, and the officers who served over the past two years, from which we can grow.


Your 2018/2019 UGHS Lacrosse Booster Club officers are:




90-Day Goal


  • We are aiming to raise $12,000 to cover costs for the 2019 season. The costs include community coaches pay (3 @ $1,500), replacement of game day field equipment, matching warm up gear, two new game goals, etc.
  • It is our goal to secure these funds by December 2018.
  • Further, rather than put the onus of the costs on our lacrosse families, we’re going to push to raise the funds through our community via sponsorships.
  • Attached is the sponsorship form. It’s simple and all dollar amounts are tax deductible.
  • Imagine a world where we raise enough funds to cover all potential fees payed by our families.


Call to Action


  • We cannot meet our goals without your help.
  • We have approximately 80 lacrosse families at UGHS. If each family were to secure $250 in sponsorships that would result in $20,000 raised for the upcoming and future seasons.
  • Our ask is that each family accomplishes this.Sponsorships do not need to be limited to local businesses.  Family, friends and other businesses are encouraged to participate.
  • The family that raises the most sponsorship funds will have all participation fees waived for the 2019 season.
  • Speaking of participation fees, while we anticipate this year’s fees to be lower than in the past, they will likely still exist.Rather than wait until January of 2019 to collect those fees, we are set up to allow you to begin paying toward your fees. Contact Shannon Greer ugav1@bellsouth.net
  • Finally, we will have our first booster club meeting for the year on Monday, October 8thin the UGHS Media Center 6:30 pm.Parents and players please mark your calendars and plan to attend!